Monday, November 30, 2015

Visit of my friends from the US

My friend, Justin Milano, blogged on his first visit to Bhutan. It is titled Breakthrough in Bhutan.

Justin was part of a larger group of friends - who have come together in the last few years - drawn by a common interest to discover a way of living - and most probably by some karmic consequences. We call ourselves the Contenment Family.

In Breakthrough in Bhutan, Justin shares a powerful experience that he had in Athang Rukha while in deep meditation at the temple. He visioned his past lives unfold - a life of pain, suffering and isolation and thankfully also came the liberation. It just amazes me that he did get that in Athang Rukha. I had one too but will leave for some other time and place to tell that story.

Then, of course, the fairy-tale wedding that he describes is what my friends, Nim Dorji and Pema Rinzin organised in Dodedra Monastery. Read Justin's blog since I cannot express better than he did there.


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  2. Thank you Dorji for these amazing videos, a life changing experience and it is so precious to see these. Thank you, Juna

  3. It is a beautiful piece sir. Hope you are doing good.

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  6. Hi Dorji. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post and the Justin's experience too. I am looking forward to visiting Bhutan myself. I shall be in Bhutan from 26th May-1st June, 2016. Really looking forward to getting in touch with locals, also doing a homestay if possible.

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