Monday, November 23, 2015

Photo journal of a travel to interior Bhutan

Nothing is more enriching, humbling and fulfilling than trekking into interior Bhutan to see, meet and know your own people. And bring to them a little help you can. There was a time when I said to myself that one day when I become rich I would help others. That day (me becoming rich) never came. So one day, some nine years back, I just started off doing things.

Rest as they say is now history. Nine years and countless journeys into this region I have realized that you are not really helping anyone. No one really needs the help that we imagine. All they need is someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on and someone whom they can say, he will always be there for us. You need some money, of course, but not more than an average person like us can't afford of what you would spend for a Saturday night out in Thimphu.

What you really need to bring is yourself. Many of us from the governmnent, NGOs, etc. come but we rarely bring ourselves. We bring our ego, official positions, pride and lots of prejudices.

No! Just bring yourself. Your pure heart (that we all have). You will find how wealthy, resourcesful and innovative you are.

Travelling to interiors of Bhutan takes both physical and mental efforts. I keep going as long as my coffee supply lasts
I have concentrated my social works in the last 9 years in Rukha village. Now I am using it as the base camp.
Phub Dorji completed high school and couldn't get to college. He returned to his village unlike most Bhutanese youth.
Eco-friendly machines. Oxen are still used for ploughing the fields.
This rooster always chooses my window to throw me out of my bed every morning. Lucky for them, I am veg
Learning about others ultimately makes you find yourself. I found myself and who truly I am - among the Oleps
Lawa in Athang Geog is my next destination.

The people there have nothing but they offer you everything they have. In urban areas it is vice versa.
The traditional gift to welcome a guest into a village. I love this tradition.
It is rare that your presence becomes the reason for the village to come together and celebrate. Simply humbling.

Ara time in Lamga Village

I feel more welcome here than anywhere on Earth

This woman lost her left eye to a simple cataract disease. I am trying to save the other eye.


  1. I love all your beautiful photos very much. The subjects are very sharp, colourful and in good contrasts.
    I have studied photography as one of my major in US but I seldom take good photos.

    Greetings from Malaysia.

  2. Awesome Images! Interesting Post. I Like this Post. Thanks For Sharing This Post with us.

    Bhutan Bokar

  3. Dear sir,
    I was looking forward to contact with sir but couldnot find your email. I need to extract some legendary stories about Oleps and Rukha lhakhang for my report on sacred sites in JSWNP. I look forward to hear from you sir.

    Thank you.


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