Thursday, January 15, 2009

Missed call from a minister

There is one sub-culture that has become an integral part of our daily life – “missed calls”. Missed calls make me nervous. Because they can mean anything – good, bad, sad, happy or funny.

1. A missed call from my daughter is very clear. She has run out of voucher. And that I have to become Nu. 100 poorer and B-Mobile Nu. 100 richer. Wish they never invented the mobile phone.

2. Missed calls, and that too a continuous one, from an unknown person really make me nervous. Because it can be someone trying to flirt around.

3. A missed call from my wife means “Call back or face dire consequences later……” I hate this missed call.

But missed call is also a wonderful human invention. It can be a very effective way to communicate without spending anything. All you need to do is to establish an understanding with the other side.

1. Missed calls from your drinking partners can be translated into “Time for the daily quota!”.

2. Missed calls from the office can mean your are wanted there. There are bill collectors or clients waiting to see you - depending on how your business is faring.

3. A missed call from your golf partner could be, “Time to push off for a nine-hole!”

4. A missed call at 3.30pm from your PA would be “Time to pick your child from school”

But there was one missed call I couldn’t figure out. A missed call from a minister. It could be anything between, “I miss you” to “I will fix you” - and a range of other messages good and bad. 

Definitely they wouldn’t have run out of voucher.


  1. they wouldn't give one.hehe.or it depends on who is being missed called.
    hey no offence, but u have a couple of spelling mistakes in your this article.."how your business is FAIRING" could be read as "read how your business is FARING"..
    "Defination" on "New defination for the public service media, Bhutan Times, 9 July 2008 could be "definition"
    i also have come across some more..but iw oudlnt remember...but please do a small spell check before you post it.actually this Blog should have inline spell of luck.

  2. You know my schedules. I just write it it one go and since I did my university in Italian I still get confused with lot of spellings.

    So my request to the editors of Bhutan Times, when I send my articles, is always, "Please check my spelling" Ha ha ha.... Nobody expected that, right?

    Greetings to you all, especially to guys abroad. Don't study too hard but divide your time to travel around, meet people, get exposed and culture yourself. These things count more in life. But don't flunk, of course... just get yourself that piece of paper

  3. Dear Dorji,

    How could you change your profession from electrical engineer to electronics engineer and then to journalist, film maker, etc. in short span of time. I know you as being called as PETUWA while in Polytechnic. Are your friends still calling by that name. It would be interesting if you would also tell the readers what PETUWA means and what is your long term dream.

  4. a very light yet a true thing..i like this article for many reasons....keep up the good work and cheers for the miss call from the minister- could mean a lot of things!!!

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    You must be one of those "mean" friends because they still call me by that name. Thanks for bringing back old memories.

    Now for my profession changing business... It is simple... I did electrical engineering in Deothang and electronics in Italy.

    It all started in 1998 when I was the project manager/chief engineer for the National FM Network project and the National TV project (we introduced TV in 1999). This job made me travel and explore our country extensively. I took a camera along and my assistant engineer (Kafley who is now the chief engineer there) doubled up as a cameraman. We made a TV series "Road show to development" which was quite successful. The then MD, Kinga Singye, encouraged me to go to productions and journalism and so here I am today.

    Now regarding my nickname, it was given to me by Father Phillip way back in 1974 in Kharbandi. It is a corrupted version of PIETRO whom Late Father Phillips used to tell me was his favorite nephew.

    My long term dream - to die a happy man...