Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why is it happening?

I usually don't comment on matters not relating to my own country. I also feel it is not right to bring someone in as bad examples. But this time I couldn't help it. My apologies.

Well, Donald Trump will win the US presidential race. I have been telling this to my American friends since he first came in. And across the Atlantic, the Brexit vote has paved the way for the likes of Boris Johnson to become UK's top diplomat. Closer to us, Philippines has a new president in Rodrigo Duterte who will wage a war against China. So scared to even fly over the South China sea these days. 

Well, to get to the point, first of all, the beauty of all these is that these leaders were all elected democratically. Mind you, Adolf Hilter and Benito Mussolini also made it up through free and fair elections. So what we need to do is to reflect on this democracy thing. 

We also need to observe carefully the events unfolding around the world these days. And ask why? And may be, as we always claim in Bhutan, we learn from the mistakes of others?

It is clear that the Americans or the Filipinos are not stupid people. These developments are nothing but results of unresponsive governments or too much government and less governance, failure of political systems, widening gaps between rich and poor, creating a country for only the privileged and the powerful, etc.

As we get into this wild party, maybe our new political class and the bureaucracy can take a tip or two from what is happening out there. 

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