Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Letter from America

San Francisco, CA -
America is a big country. There is no "one" single America that you can decide to love or to hate. America is too complex to be generalised or over-simplified. Whatever you say about this nation, the opposite is also equally true. 

One thing is certain though: you shouldn't believe how Hollywood or the media portrays this country. Other than that you explore this diverse and fascinating places on your own.

This is what I found out (of America that I didn't know). 

Americans love foreign culture because there is no such thing as an "American" culture. 
On 5th July 2014, 26,000 people gathered at AT&T Park just to watch 
the live telecast of La Traviata - an opera by Giuseppe Verdi (Italian)
Few things I personally don't like about America - Coca Cola and McDonalds. 
As a coffee addict, I forgive Starbucks (sorry for this bias)

Americans give back a lot to their alma mater. Almost everything you see in 
Berkeley campus are donated by the alumni. (Sathier Gate by Mr. Peder Sathier)

The Godfather's original table. Seeing it for real after, I don't know how many 
times I saw in the movie, was a nice feeling 

The closest that I can get to the Oscars. With the five Academy Awards that Francis won. 

Walk in the Cloud. Francis Coppola's Winery in Napa, California inspired me to
consider retiring as a farmer when I am done with my "working" life.

UC Berkeley has raised more money in one campaign than what Bhutan has as its national foreign currency reserve. This something we Bhutanese can learn from the Americans

The Americans respect their heroes in every small way. What do we do with 
ours (Druk Thukseys)? We forget them or, often, squander them

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