Monday, August 8, 2011

Off the tourist trail

This time I let my pictures tell much of the story.

Clouds envelope mountains over Dawakha (Paro) 

Magnolia blooms in Athang Rukha.

The dreadful Thrumshingla (actually Phrumshingla) divides the Eastern Bhutan
with Central Bhutan.

The much feared stretch of Namling (Bumthang-Monggar road) actually hosts a
beautiful waterfall

Trekking to Kengkhar (lower Monggar).  Even the locals fear doing that 
trek because there are no streams or springs for days.
Minjey (Lhuentse). People wait along the road to see the King.  Some are there
to get a glimpse.  Others to appeal for some help or to seek justice they feel they 
are denied.  

Olep woman, Lower Wangdue.  Oleps, together with their cousins,
the Mongpa are believed to be the original inhabitants of Bhutan. 

A simple and heart-felt offering to the People's King.  These traditional offerings 
are usually made to VVIPs when they visit rural areas of Bhutan.
Chorten Kora (Tashi Yangtsi) - a place where a demon was subdued

Gomdar (Samdrup Jongkhar)  where Nyera Ama river runs through

Gomokora (Tashi Yangtse), one of the holiest places in Bhutan

Tashigang Dzong
Kheng Gongdue (Monggar)

Head of Buddha


  1. WOW! Loved going through the pictures. The places has its own essence!

  2. some more pleezz for the less fortunate who have neither the resources nor the opportunities to go these places?

    Our country is beautiful and the pictures only enhance it!

  3. Dorji, if you could post again new photos i would be glad to see. Thanks for ur beautiful collections of photo. some of the photos are also downloaded in my Thumb-drive. i like it.

    by Yangka Chojay