Thursday, April 7, 2011

Farewell my friend

(Chimi Rinzin a former broadcaster with BBS died in a tragic road accident on April 6, 2010)

Chimi was my associate producer when I was working in BBS.  He was smart, intelligent, humorous and talented.  He was one of the best newscasters and host we had.  Chimi was also fiercely independent - a trait that other seniors found it somehow difficult to deal with. But I understood him better, took him into my unit and gave him the space and flexibility he needed and for that he respected me unconditionally and he delivered. However, he never spoke against anyone, respected his seniors who earned his respect and led his life and days on his own terms. When he put his heart and mind on work, no one among his peers could even come close to him in style, presentation and substance.

The best part of Chimi was his zeal for life and his humour.  He never had one bad day and was always ready to make others laugh with his endless supply of jokes and mimicries.  When there was any tension at work, he would crack one of his classics and the tension would immediately disappear.  We would then get back to rolling our cameras with lots of smiles and laughter.  Over time, I realised his mere presence in my team lightened our mood and the atmosphere around us.  Together we produced some of the finest works, which are still shown on BBS TV today. Even after our career paths long diverged we kept in touch mainly through facebook.  If fate had not been so cruel with him, he would have done wonders some day and made us all proud. The Bhutanese media fraternity has not only lost a friend but a talent in him. 

Farewell my friend, and thanks for all the smiles and laughter you have brought to us.  I will miss you very badly. But every time you come back to my mind I promise - I will always remember to smile.  That's the way I would like to remember you.

(Chimi's sudden demise shocked the entire Bhutanese media industry.  He was only 32.  When my wife met him recently he said he was looking forward to leaving for Australia soon)


  1. thats sad.....may his soul rest in peace...

  2. It's a big tragedy to lose such a nice person at such a prime age. I don't know him that well, but from the little interaction I had with him, I found him smart, charming, intelligent, and honest.

    It must be extremely difficult for his parents and family to deal with this tragedy. I hope and pray that they find strength and courage in accepting the reality of life - impermanence. We must all leave this wonderful world one day.

  3. I wish fate was a little more kind to him. But no doubt he was kind to one and sundry. It is a tragic loss that we have suffered...
    May His Soul Be Liberated. But then, he was always more liberated than any of us...

  4. Aue Dorji,
    BBS is organising prayers and butter lamp offering for him at 3 pm at Dechenphodra.. do join us if u are here in Thimphu

  5. @NyemaZam. Sure I will.

    @Dendup Chophel. You are right. Sometimes I wished I was as liberated as him. In that sense, I used to feel inferior to him. Honestly..

    @Sonam Jatsho. My heart and prayers go to Sangay and Chimi's mother. That they would be able to rise above the World crushing in front of them. No words and prayers can bring comfort in such situations. Still, I hope they gather the strength and courage.

  6. Tshering Chhoden WangdiApril 8, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    we will miss you

  7. I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences on the bereavement caused by the untimely death of a close fren of my bro. I pray for his soul to rest in peace in the feet of ALMIGHTY.

    No one can avert the decree of fate. Everyone has to die sooner or later. Man is helpless before the will of God. We can do nothing but pray for the departed soul. May God grant his family courage and support in this time of trial! Amen.

  8. Though i did not get chance to know him in person but heard he was a great person who lived his life according to his own was unfair to him....may his soul rest in peace......

  9. I too join you guys in offering my condolences for his sad and sudden demise at so young an age. May his soul rest in peace and his family recover from the pain soon though it would be very difficult. My prayers for him...

  10. Our heartfelt simpathy goes out to Sangay & family, we were so looking forward to seeing him upon his return to OZ, so sad!!
    Love to all
    Jack, Julia, Steve & Val xxxx

  11. even though i never knew him in person or heard him on air, i remember seeing him once in school when i was in high school. Soon after, i heard a lot of praises about him from my mates.somehow i had this feel he had so much of a talent and so much to give to the media industry. i'm honestly saddened by this tragic turn in his life. may you rest in peace. we'll alyz remember you. you left imprints to even the unknowns