Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aren't we (Bhutanese) special?

My kids and I have watched the animation movie - Kungfu Panda over and over again.  Between my daughters and I, no one really knows who enjoy the film more.  We just love the movie.  

For me it is because of just one line from the film.  In fact the key message of the film. 

It's when Po, our hero (the giant panda), comes back to his father after failing to reveal the secret dragon scroll.  When his father, unwittingly, tells Po that there were no secrets to his “secret ingredient soup.”  One only has to believe that “it is special” to be special.

For many years now, I felt we Bhutanese are special.  We are different (not with any superiority complex attitude) but just the fact that we are a small, independent and beautiful country.  This really makes me feel very special.  And of course one very eminent lama, whom I met as a student many years back in Italy, told me that Bhutanese are a special breed of people.  

The question is, do we all feel we are special?  And do instill this feeling in our children?

Just thinking.....


  1. Yes, I think we are 'special' in many ways. Part of the specialty, according to me, comes from our Buddhist traditions. We are most of all very hospitable, adjustable to other cultures of other countries and humourous too. What I am proud of most is the way we live in harmony with one another, no matter which part of the country or ethnic background we come from. I am also proud of how we live in harmony with nature. The specialty of our country as a geographical entity is its scenic beauty - the rich green mountains, lovely valleys, swift flowing rivers and sacred lakes. And, culturally, our majestic dzongs are indeed a special treat. And, speaking of traditions, aren't we all lucky to be self sufficient?

    But, as we join the international community and get affected by globalization, and the unemployment rate rises, it wouldn't be surprising if some do not necessarily feel special. Perhaps, our GNH philosophy will ensure we all 'feel' special in our special surroundings.

  2. yes indeed we are so special in our own unique ways...the one special aspect of every bhutanese which i consider very special is our unique life style and attitude towards life...
    we bhutanese are never driven by any time factors and thereby is not ruled within any parameters of time restrictions...not meaning to say that we don't respect time but means to say that we have all the time in the world for anything...unlike people in the west where individual life is personally/ enviromentally governed by limited time...
    this phenomenon is primarily because major segment of our population hasn't yet stepped into the materailistic contemporary world;
    The illusionary world of greed, power and lust.
    if this very quality of we the bhutanese is so called ignorance,i am one first who shall take pride in being ignorant and rather take it as a bliss. how about you guys?????