Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hail to the Chief

The appointment of Kuensel’s Dasho Kinley Dorji as the secretary of ministry of information comes at a very crucial time for the Bhutanese media.  When we are all trying to understand what 'free media' is all about.  When the media itself is trying to understand itself.  And when petty quarrels between the media and the regulators, and also between the media themselves, are becoming a norm.  Everyone agrees that Bhutanese media is at an infant stage.  But the new era of democratic self–governance will require the media to quickly grow into adulthood.  The challenge for everyone therefore is to see that media gets a fair chance to make mistakes, experiment, grow and move on.  Hence at the helm of the development of media in Bhutan, we need people who understand media in the first place.

Chief Kinley (as he is popularly known in the media circle) comes with a long experience of seeing the modern Bhutanese media take root, grow and transform itself several times.  In fact he has been very much a part of it and his contribution to the development of mass media in Bhutan has earned him the red scarf from His Majesty the Fourth King.  Kuensel will lose some leadership, no doubt, but hopefully his appointment as the secretary of the ministry of information will drive the Bhutanese media forward - boldly into the future and take its rightful place as the Forth Estate of democratic governance.

(Chief wrote a nice piece about his moving. Kuensel. 5 Feb. 2009)


  1. I do not know how to be happy or pleased with the news of Dasho Kinley's new appointment. I would have preferred him leading an umbrella media non government organization or as an active member of the civil society, with his kind of experience. He now joins the bureaucracy and that's a big loss for the media actually. But, that's just my independent opinion.

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  3. Dasho Kinley will be good in the bureaucracy and that too his appointment in one of the biggest ministry. I feel we ahve a team now at teh MOIC. The minister backed up by unwavering straight forward man the Chief himself. Lyonpo MOIC will fare well to use Dasho Kinley to his advantage. We know Dasho will keep voicing his true opinion, an opinion of the society without fear or reservations.

    It is all for hope and we have much desire....

    Hail to you Dasho Kinley.

  4. Dasho Kinley is a man of integrity and very honest & ofc ourse a no nonsense person. many in the beaurocracy will dread to have him on the team BUT we want to reiterate to him that he has the public support to go doing what he is good at BE PRECISE, BE BLUNT AND KEEP ON DIGGING & CORRECTING the BEAUROCRATS.

    His Majesty has indeed made another benevolent decision to uphold such good people. We are sure he will not let us down.

    Go cheif !!!!

  5. Hi Dorji,

    Why don't you start a topic on discussing or usher us your views on curent tourism policy. We know you will do a good job in researching it.

    Congratulations in continuing this good blog.

    Kudos Dorji.

  6. Since chief has become a part of Bureaucracy, i guess he would face setbacks as he has to defend their policies. Therefore, he cant be as critical as before. Can one man bring change? can a drop of milk in a bucket full of water be identified/seperated/recognised.........?
    To me his contribution would have been greater as a chief.
    But then, becoming a secretary of MOIC is highest honour, and ofcourse, he will definitely bring improvements in the 'Nag Cha'ministry.
    Just a thought...

  7. Dasho Kinley,
    I am hopeful that you will avoid making the Bureaucracy as sophisticated as your articles. Try breaking them apart, make it less complex and tranparent.Kindly, add necessary punctuations, omite corruption(if there's any),and in ya.. edit it well! go ahead of luck.